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#RemotePairProgramming Ep 001: Traditional Style Pairing


This is the first episode of a series of codecasts where I will explore, together with a remote (duh!) pairing partner, what remote pair-programming is. It is also about pair-programming techniques, and how they help us, or not.

My remote parter this episode is Llewellyn Falco.

Traditional Style Pairing

Two people stay on the same computer and code, for a specific problem.

But it is more than that. We have two roles: driver and navigator.

Driver = the partner who writes the code, and focuses on small details, on short term.

Navigator = the partner who understands what the driver writes and focuses on long term decisions. Typically the navigator’s focus is around the design, architecture concerns, clarity, conceptual cohesion, etc.

During a session of traditional style pairing the roles can stay the same, or they can change. But both roles have the same focus: try to solve the problem as fast as they can with the highest quality possible.

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