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#RemotePairProgramming Ep 005: Adi & Julian – Evolutionary Design with Selection Pressure (part 1)


Selection Pressure. What is it?

What is Selection Pressure? First of all let’s give a definition from Biology

Any cause that reduces reproductive success in a portion of a population potentially exerts evolutionary pressureselective pressure or selection pressure.[1] With sufficient pressure, inherited traits that mitigate its effects — even if they would be deleterious in other circumstances — can become widely spread through a population. It is a quantitative description of the amount of change occurring in processes investigated by evolutionary biology, but the formal concept is often extended to other areas of research.

During this episode we will apply the concept of Selection Pressure from Biology to software development that Julian Ghionoiu came-up with. So check the video to see more!

The third episode of this #RemotePairProgramming series is about Evolutionary Design with Selection Pressure. And, as always, I have coding coding pairing partner, that during this episode is Julian Ghionoiu.

Selection Pressure

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