TDD as if you Meant It: Refactor, but in Small Steps Now (Episode 14)

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TDD as if you Meant It: Refactor, but in Small Steps Now (Episode 14)


After in the previous episode I took too bigger steps, during this episode I start all over and take smaller steps. The main differences are:

  • I’m not getting that far, but I have a stable point of stop, compared to the last episode when the last point of stop was resetting all the changes.
  • During the process I don’t feel so unclear, the points when I stop because I don’t know what to do are shorter
  • I feel flow, the next steps are obvious
  • While coding I am happier I know where I am going
  • For the next episode I know where I need to continue from.


In software development it’s an incredible feeling to constantly know where you are going. Too often we get stuck, we need to search for solutions, discuss options with our colleagues, get stuck again, etc. Feeling a constant progress gives energy, improves focus and enjoyment of the whole process. This mental state is called flow in psychology.

In coding flow is generated by the clarity and the dimension of the steps. That is why to achieve flow it is important to understand taking baby steps. It is important to understand what means small steps for each one of you, and how small the steps are is depending on your context. But try to always make your steps smaller and smaller until it feels you cannot improve flow by having smaller steps.


Check the video below with the codecast:

What’s Next?

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Many thanks to Keith Braithwaite for creating the concept of TDD as if you Meant It

Teddy bear thanks to Erik Talboom for all the pairing, discussions that lead to so many twists we discovered together with TDD as if you Meant It.

Special regards to JB Rainsberger for the fun pairing we did using TDD as if you Meant It



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